Strategic Transformation and Execution

Strategic Transformation and Execution

The three biggest strategic challenges facing companies:

  1. Formulating the right strategy
  2. Executing the formulated strategy
  3. Recognising when to change the strategy and making that strategic transformation

Strategy Execution

Most executives claim that executing a strategy is one of their most difficult tasks. Similarly, studies have found that the main reason for strategic failures rests with the firm’s inability to execute the planned strategic intent. This talk will cover how to:

Gain an understanding of the critical nature of execution

  • Embrace a model to enact effective strategy execution
  • Understand how to build a performance culture
  • Gain insight into the crucial role of leadership for strategy execution

Strategic Transformation

Most company strategies are based on what has been done in the past, especially if it was successful. They go through long periods of relative continuity during which established strategy changes, but only incrementally. What companies find really difficult is to make radical changes or strategic transformations that change the existing business model:

  • Recognise when strategies need to be changed or transformed
  • Diagnose the organizational barriers to strategic change
  • Understand how the strategic planning process affects strategic thinking
  • Learn a framework for strategic transformation