Managing Global Customers


In this talk, George Yip addressed one of the hottest topics in international business: managing global customers. Multinational companies no longer buy on a country-by-country basis, but increasingly on a global basis. These customers seek global contracts, standardized terms and conditions, and uniform products, services and prices. Managing these customers places new demands on multinational suppliers. So the latter increasingly use a variety of management techniques for co-ordinating their activities with multinational customers.

The talk provided a systematic framework for developing and implementing global customer management programs. It draws on in-depth research at over 20 major U.S. and European multinational companies. The audience will learned how to

  • think about managing global customers in the context of their overall global strategy
  • develop effective global customer management programs
  • overcome barriers to implementation and success
  • build better relationships with important customers
  • get the entire company to engage with managing global customers


The talk is based on the speaker’s book, Managing Global Customers, published by Oxford University Press and also an article in Harvard Business Review.